July Race Report

By 28 July 2019 News

Coyle is King!

A beautiful morning at Heffron greeted those who managed to drag themselves away from the tour finale. There were no landslides in the Maroubra region and therefore the course was kept to its usual distance.

In a solid A grade we had a tour de force for Jesse Coyle, riding away, but never getting a comfortable gap. This meant it was a full on hours ride for Jesse, deliberately not looking back on the straight and getting views of the chopping off bunch in the corners.
Jono Cridland proved fastest in the bunch kick, with Liam Kelly rounding out the podium.

In B it looked like Cheeky has the better of the bunch, with Gerald taking the prime, whilst Maarten watched on from the bunch. SUVelo had their usual top two sprinters in Andy and Daz ready to show themselves in the finale.
Maarten showed a clean pair of wheels to the bunch to take the win.

In C William Mace-Smith raced his last C grade race, clearly showing his potential and worthy place in B grade. A small bunch was splintered significantly and riders were coming in solo or in twos.

A + Prime – Jesse Coyle (SUVelo)
1st – Jesse Coyle (SUVelo)
2nd – Jono Cridland (SXCC)
3rd – Liam Kelly (Cheeky)

B + Prime – Gerald Peterson (Manning Valley)
1st – Maarten Holsboer (MVCC)
2nd – Darren Russell (SUVelo)
3rd – Andy Matthews (SUVelo)

C Grade
1st – William Mace-Smith (Manly)
2nd – Ian Schmidt (SUVelo)
3rd – Dave Watkinson (Manly)
Prime – William Mace-Smith (Manly)

Battle of the bridge next week at Beauie, then back at Heffron for next months race on the 25th with the women’s returning also.