September Race Report

By 25 November 2019 News


As a club we have committed to provide non-profit support of development and racing and one important element of that is our monthly race. I couldn’t get much of feel for what went on in each race however was pleased and thankful for a lot that did happen.

We gave thanks to the 70-odd that rolled off the start, representing over dozen clubs including the first Centennial Park CC entrant. The proud tradition of a club-run Sunday morning race was reflected in the vibrant array of club stripes across all grades, perhaps a timely reminder at a time when big changes are just over the pimple.

To get good numbers you need support of individuals and influencers (Jake, Liam, Chris, Ian, Jack, Mark, Andy etc) and thank you for encouraging your mates to come pin a number on. A special mention to the Peloton Sports crew who came in numbers from afar.

We and our trusted St Johns First aid crew were also thankful that despite racing hard in significant numbers, you also managed to race safely and in the right spirit.

How hard was it? To finish with A grade you would have needed to average near 44kph and average about 280w. The fairly early split in A grade, with big hitter sprinters like Jack in the chase, resulted in that lead group being determined to push on, and that they did. B grade neared a 42 average, and C over 38 with fewer riders, so no Sunday morning picnic.

Thank you to the riders for your patience and adoption of our online entry system and card payments. Whilst it seems C grade largely missed the memo, the uptake towards 100% for future events will mean we can focus more on you and the event of the day rather than heads-down on manual admin processes.

With our club championships in November, our final hosted race for 2019 will be on 27 October. We will have on-line entry set up well before, continuing with women’s handicap adding C grade and current format for men. We look forward to seeing your there!


A virtually windless, sunny morning greeted riders at Heffron, promising and delivering fast racing across the grades.

The women, with significant numbers in B Grade, hit out first in handicap format. Whilst small in number, reports from the A Grade bunch suggested that the watts were burning and they had churned out most of the B grade head start by mid race.

Once the catch was made, racing settled and the promising sight of large women’s bunch pushing on together remained until the final where it was Staminade that gave Gina Ricardo wings flying over a solid sprint from Eline Smit and ever present Amanda Jones in 3rd.

While just a few prizes for podium spots, the level of hard but friendly racing, oozing with camaraderie, made it seem like all should be rewarded for their contribution and we look forward more of the same in October.