Battle of the Bridge – Round 3

By 29 July 2018 News, Race Reports

Well, that’s Round Three of the Battle of the Bridge done and dusted! Some solid racing this morning at Heffron saw no one club dominate, and the points look like they’re spread around across the clubs. I’ll leave it to Alexis to update us on the standings later. Onward to the Grand Finale at Beaumont Road next weekend with everything still to play for!

Thanks to Nic Martin as Commissaire, Evan Stilwell, Dick Croft, Robbie Matthews & George Bryan for marshalling on the day and to Daniel Linnett for coming down and taking some photos of the day. Thanks also to our sponsors for providing prizes – looks like a nice surf & turf for Michael Cupitt!


Men’s A-Grade
1. Michael Cupitt (NSCC)
2. James Nicol (SUVelo)
3. Dwaine Hesp (RBCC)
4. Jack Bennett (RBCC)
5. Christopher Taylor (MWCC)


Men’s B-Grade
1. Luc McCann (MWCC)
2. Adam McCoy (Cheeky)
3. Chris Hinds (NSCC)
4. Ran Virdi (NSCC)
5. Richard Scriven (SUVelo)


Men’s C-Grade
1. Carlos Domingues (Cheeky)
2. Paul Curjak (SUVelo)
3. Ryan Terry (MWCC)
4. Val Feron (Rapha)
5. Paul Mower (NSCC)


Junior U17s
1. Lachie Sky (NSCC)
2. William Mace-Smith (MWCC)
3. Ethan Page (NSCC)


Women’s Handicap
1. Nadia Younan (SUVelo)
2. Lisa Antill (SUVelo)
3. Jen Darmody (SUVelo)
4. India McLean (MWCC)
5. Sue Jackson (RBCC)