Club Kit: Team Shop Closes This Sunday

By 22 November 2018 Announcements, Club Kit


Team Shop now open – closing Sun 25-Nov:
A reminder that our Cuore Team Shop is open, and we now have the new Racing Kit design available to purchase, along with our Club kit. The online shop will remain open until Sunday night, 25-November. If you have yet to confirm your individual custom kit sizing, then please get down to Cuore’s office (2/81 Buckland Ave, Alexandria) during business hours (9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri), and be sure to try on Cuore’s sample clothing; that’s a sure-fire way of getting the correct tailoring options that will give you the perfect fit. Cuore’s 2-in-1 road-suit is also a fantastic garment – a one-piece outfit, rather than separate jersey and bib-shorts – well worth considering as an addition to your cycling wardrobe.

And for those that haven’t explored the Team Shop yet, the Racing Kit design is offered as a second colour option. Simply select the garment you’re interested in (e.g. jersey), and you’ll then see that you have the option to select either the blue club kit or the yellow/blue racing design:

Following a number of enquiries, we have also just added yellow arm-warmers to the Team Shop too.

This current order is due for delivery prior to TDU 2019. We are then planning our next order to arrive late April/ early May; that order will include clothing for cooler weather, such as thermal long-sleeved jerseys, ¾ bib-knicks etc.

Team Shop details:
Click on this link to access the Cuore store and order online:
PW: this was provided via email – let Richard know if you haven’t received.

Please enter the following coupon code in the Cuore store to clear the freight cost:
Coupon Code:  SUVelo Pickup
Orders placed using this code will be made available to pick up from the Cuore office once the orders arrive. Alternatively, enter your chosen delivery address, and shipping charges will be calculated and added to your invoice total, payable at check-out.

Any enquiries please email Richard at