SUVelo Crit Race Report – March 2019 – Heffron Park

By 28 April 2019 News

March 31st race report
Weather: Cool early, sunny, beautiful.

A beautiful morning down at Heffron produced some great racing. A big field in both mens A and B meant for some aggressive racing, and good size fields in the women also produced entertaining and close finishes.

Mens A grade

1. Nash Kent (Park bikes)
2. Angus Wilson (SUVelo)
3. Morgan Smith (St George)

Prime – Jesse Coyle (SUVelo)
Most aggressive rider – Jesse Coyle (SUVelo) – free entry next month

Mens A was a strong field, and the attack went from the gun. Jesse Coyle obviously didn’t fancy a chat in the bunch with anyone and proceeded to ride away from the rest and maintain a strong 20 second gap. The rest of the bunch were chopping off all race trying to close the gap and were not making much progress, until finally a frustrated Coyle was caught in the final few laps. This prompted another attack from Team Nero Bianchi, with James Nicol surging off the front. This was brought back, then more efforts threw yet more riders up the road, before coming back together in time for the sprint to be taken out very early by Nash Kent, with daylight to Angus Wilson in second and again more daylight to Morgan Smith rounding out the podium.

B grade
1. Andy Matthews (SUVelo)
2. David Jackson (Randwick)
3. Nicholas Martin (SUVelo)

Prime – Nelson Aston (SUVelo)
Most aggressive – Nelson Aston (SUVelo) – free entry next month

Given the big field sizes we ran the most aggressive rider in mens A and B. This prompted B grade to abandon their usual watching tactics and riders were shelled out the back as the pace was on. A couple of attacks pre prime saw riders like Nic Martin try to get away, but Nelson Ashton managed to get a big gap and with some encouragement from the watching fans carried on and lit up the race. Nelson was eventually reeled in and everything was lining up for the sprint with a couple of laps to go.
As they took the bell the race was lined out with Andy Matthews sat second wheel, showing all the race craft needed on a windy Heffron circuit. The sprint was a close run thing with the three podium getters lined out with half a wheel between each position.

C grade

C grade was a slightly smaller bunch with some new faces racing for their first time. This prompted a few people to look at each other before the racing hot up towards the finale. Manly were out in force, enjoying the nicer side of life south of the bridge and enjoying the wealth that SUVelo prize money has to offer. It wasn’t enough to prevent debutant Jon Curry from taking out the win however.
1. Jon Curry
2. Dave Watkinson (MWCC)
3. John Kippen (MWCC)

Prime – John Kippen (MWCC)

In the womens races we had good field sized resulting in two scratch races. This was welcomed by the racers and as always SUVelo are very committed to running scratch races for women, where possible. Come on down next time and this can continue.

A grade was a watchful affair as Nadia Younan did not have the jump of the bunch until the very end, after a couple of attempts to get away. Sue Henry was on good form as some early encouragement from the organisers, and Sarah Dickens was the best early on, taking out the prime and still having it at the finish for third.
1. Nadia Younan (SUVelo)
2. Sue Henry (Randwick)
3. Sarah Dickens (SCC)

Prime – Sarah Dickens (SCC)

In B grade it was the Randwick show, controlling the race ahead fo SUVelo and showing who had the best legs at the end of it. Rose and Aimee worked tirelessly but were unable to get the better of Fiona and Claire who finished as a strong one-two for Randwick. Faye rounded out the podium, showing her consistency.

1. Fiona Knok (Randwick)
2. Claire Menzies (Randwick)
3. Faye Younger (SXCC)

Prime – Fiona Knok (Randwick)

There will be no SUVelo racing next month, but we encourage you all to come down to the Snowy Wilson race that weekend instead, with Randwick running multiple grades for men and women and huge prize money. It’s sure to be a good weekend of racing.

SUVelo will be back the 26th May, with the times swapped around, women first at 7:30 and men at 8:30. Get it in your diary.

Thanks to the helpers this month, Aaron, Finn, Keith, and also always Duggo.