2019 AGM Minutes

By 22 May 2019 News




6:30pm, Thursday 9 May 2019
Bar Cleveland
433 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

Attendees: Andrew Duggan, Nic Martin, David Lloyd, Amanda Cleife, Gin Woods, Emlyn Simpson, Rob Even, Lisa Antill, Ian Schmidt, Paraic Hogan, John Twyman, Nigel Poole, Chris Chung, Vic McNeill, Richard Scriven, Jo Winterbottom, Jonathan Chapman, Stu Hamilton, Angus Wilson, Edel O’Hagan, Nic Papas, Nick Carter, Keith Jones, Darren Russell, Gina Ricardo, Georgia Miansarow, Georgia Whitehouse, Brendan Hancox, Dylan Buckley, Joel Lidden, David Jordan, Stuart Parr, Adi Thakur, Guiseppe Graziano, Richard White


1 Opening of meeting – David Lloyd

2 Apologies
In writing: Brett McLeod, John Pearce, Eva Caprille, Leigh Jackson, Jen Dermody, Tegan Cox, Anna Booth
On the night: Aimee Armstrong, Phoebe Kee, Chris Miller

3 Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
Moved: John Tyman
Seconded: Stu Hamilton

4 Presentation of Annual Report – Andrew Duggan

5 Adoption of Annual Report
Moved: David Lloyd
Seconded: Gin Woods

Presentation of Treasurer’s Statement and Annual Report
– Andrew Duggan on behalf of Jen Dermody

7 Adoption of Treasurer’s Report
Moved: Dylan Buckley
Seconded: Richard Scriven

8 Election of new office bearers.  All positions received single nominations prior to the AGM. Motion proposed to accept all positions unopposed.
Moved: Stu Hamilton
Seconded: Ian Schmidt

President   Virginia Woods
Secretary   David Lloyd
Treasurer   Rob Even
Captain   Ian Schmidt
Sports Director   Emlyn Simpson
Commissaire   Andrew Duggan
Development Officer   Nic Papas
Student Representative   Phoebe Kee
IT & Systems Manager   John Twyman
Media & Marketing Manager   Victoria McNeill
Events Manager   Aimee Armstrong
Sponsorship Manager   Angus Wilson
Club Kit Manager   Richard Scriven

9 General Business arising from the AGM: Angus Wilson read a statement from Chris Miller expressing gratitude for the ongoing support from the club.
Ian Schmidt spoke to thank past and present committee members for their work behind the scenes to keep the club running.

10 Close