2019 Tour Down Under

Feel the Rush!

We’re heading back to Adelaide for the best week to be a cyclist every year.

The planned schedule is below. Late ride changes, impromptu dinners and special events (beers) will be coordinated through the SUVelo TDU Group on Facebook.


We’re mostly about the rides. There’s a race going on too – and we’ll even see it now and then – but it’s primarily about us riding our bikes in the Best Cycling City in the Southern Hemisphere™. This truly is a week to ride, eat, sleep, and repeat.

We’ll run at least one ride per day from Sunday 13th January to Monday 21st January. Routes for the rides are now up on Strava, with regular and extended options. If you know how, then download the rides you’re interested in to your Garmin/Wahoo – the more people who know where they’re going the better. If you complete all the rides with extensions then you’re looking at 800+km and around 14,000m vertical for the week. #solid

Ride departure is generally 7am from Hindmarsh Square in the centre of town. Meet at 6:30am at the Mantra Hindmarsh for coffee. Start times may change if weather or race timings dictate – check in with Facebook just to be sure.


Sunday 13-January 2019

An introduction to some of our favourite hills, the ride heads out North East from the CBD to Norton Summit. Over the top, we follow Lobethal Road through Lenswood and onto Lobethal. From there, we head over to Balhannah via Woodside, loop through Littlehampton and into Hahndorf (worth a feed & brew). A steady climb back through Stirling, sees us with roll home downhill from Mt Barker. No optional extras today; home in time to eat, freshen up and head over to watch the final stage of the Women’s TDU at 2:40pm. The stage is a criterium held on a 1.7km circuit to the East of the CDB around Rymill Park. The Men will tackle the same course as the ‘Down Under Classic’ starting at 4:45pm.

Regular: 98km, 1620m: https://www.strava.com/routes/16477317


Monday 14-January 2019

Today we head out of the CBD to the South East, slowly climbing up Mt Barker and onwards to the cycling tourist mecca at Mt Lofty for some staged group photos and selfies. We continue on towards Uraidla. Those wishing for a shorter ride may turn left and head down the glorious descent of Greenhill. The regular ride turns right towards Uraidla and embarks on a 40km loop taking in Balhannah, up Greenhill Rd back to Uraidla and then the gorgeous Greenhill desecent. Both of the short & regular rides head back via the CBD, and then out to Glenelg and the beaches for some Pro-spotting on their final rest day.

Short: 57km, 780m https://www.strava.com/routes/16479475
Regular: 104km, 1655m https://www.strava.com/routes/16472316


Tuesday 15-January 2019

Up Greenhill, and a quick 7km loop to Mt Lofty, before returning to the top of Greenhill. We take a right turn towards Uraidla, but turn left before Summerton into Tregarthen Road to Ashton; this is where the Regular and Extension rides separate.
The regular ride continues NW through to Montacute Rd, and a scenic route back into the CBD. From Ashton, the Extension adds on a 10km loop via Lobethal Rd and the Basket Ranges, and rejoins the Regular ride route on Marble Hill Rd, and follows the same course back to the CBD via the Monacute Rd descent.

It is intended that both routes will lead us back to North Adelaide in time to see the start of the Men’s TDU Stage 1. For those interested, the stage finishes in Port Adelaide, which is an easy 25km ride from the CBD – but beware the rising afternoon temperatures; the stage is due to finish approx. 2:30pm.

Regular: 53km, 912m https://www.strava.com/routes/16472364
Extension: 98km, 1807m https://www.strava.com/routes/16472371


Wednesday 16-January 2019

Following today’s stage route up Gorge Rd, around Milbrook Reservoir, up to the legendary short but tough Checkers Hill climb, Gumeracha, Cudlee Creek Rd to Lobethal, then Gumeracha. Back all the way down Gorge Rd. If you feel like a “little more” take Corkskrew Rd and finish with Montacute. There is a good chance you’ll get to watch the race going up Gorge Rd on our way back.

Instead of going back through Gorge Rd after Gumeracha, the extended ride heads due South to Lobethal, all downhill through Woodside, and Balhannah, then up towards Basket Range, to Uraidla. Up Mount Lofty, Crafers, finishing with the epic 20km Sheoak Rd – Belair descent.

Regular: 87km, 1226m https://www.strava.com/routes/16360832
Extension: 125km, 2200m https://www.strava.com/routes/16418046


Thursday 17-January 2019

Up to Norton Summit, Basket Ranges to Lenswood stopping at Lobethal for well-deserved treats. Coffee legs power downhill to Cudlee Creek getting ready for a wild and steep Fox Creek Road. Cruise through Lenswood and follow the course of the race to Uraidla. Home via the always fun Greenhill descent.

The extended version does a bigger loop going south to Woodside and then all the way up to Gumeracha.

For both options you can stay in the Uraidla area to wait for the pros and ride back with them to Adelaide down Greenhill if you dare!

Regular: 88km, 1782m https://www.strava.com/routes/16384861
Extension: 110km, 2075m https://www.strava.com/routes/16418223


Friday 18-January 2019

The perfect loop, no shortcuts here. Friday is the day to push ourselves. Starting with Mt Barker riding up the cycle way, Stirling and then a fun, pretty ride down to Mylor. Brief stop at Hahndorf where you can try the famous strudel or the infamous kransky! Then the ride follows the race route through Littlehampton, Woodside, Lobethal, Lenswood, the wild Fox Ck Road and a speedy Gorge Rd all the way down to Adelaide.

Make this ride you own epic adding an extra 15K and 300 meters taking Corkscrew Rd, riding up Montacute and descending to Adelaide through Norton Summit.

If you want to follow the tradition and own the Adelaide hills by sheer will-power, then the Epic Classic is the option for you.

Regular: 110km, 1589m https://www.strava.com/routes/16385618
Epic Classic: 151km, 3266m https://www.strava.com/routes/16401174


Saturday 19-January 2019

Main ride: Montacute; Mt Lofty; Stirling; Hahndorf; River Rd to Mylor; Stirling
Optional ride extension: add a quick trip down to Glenelg to capture the Stage start.
Extended main ride & Glenelg: add on a loop to Mylor, Knotts Hills Road, Norton Summit and then head down to Glenelg.

A beautiful ride out through Montacute (always an option for a down & up Corkscrew for anyone who has missed out so far). Option to add a few more kays for those maybe not staying for the Queen stage on Sunday, and options to head to the stage start for today, which is Glenelg. Not the greatest venue to watch le depart, but plenty of cafes serving great coffee – just what you will need on a 40-degree day!

Main ride: 92km, 1831m  https://www.strava.com/routes/16390577
Optional Glenelg loop: 117km, 1874m https://www.strava.com/routes/16390580
Ext main ride + Glenelg loop: 123km, 2103m https://www.strava.com/routes/16391515


Sunday 20-January 2019

Main ride: ride out via Bel Air to McLaren Vale, then onto and up Old Willunga Hill. The ride returns through McLaren Vale, and follows the bike path to the edge of Adelaide, then a flat, fast run back into the CBD.

An alternative return: Extension out the back of Willunga to Hahndorf.
Optional extensions to main ride: follow the Aldinga Beach loop and/or the loop over the top of Willunga Hill that the WorldTour Teams will tackle during the race.

Lots of race watching options here – see the start in McLaren Vale; watch the peloton roll through Willunga town; head out to the beaches to see the intermediate sprints; climb the hill and watch Richie Porte attack the finish; roll back down the freeway with the pro teams and 10,000 other cyclists – or climb the hill and take the ride back through Hahndorf to watch the finish in town.

Bike-path return: 116km, 1628m  https://www.strava.com/routes/16390877
Optional loops: 175km, 2278m https://www.strava.com/routes/16390889
Long return, with strüdel: 136km, 1990m https://www.strava.com/routes/16301054


Monday 21-January 2019

For those staying on, and just needing an easy coffee cruise, take a simple ride down to Glenelg and then roll North along the beaches as far as you like towards Port Adelaide. Plenty of park-ups and turnaround points.

Strava route, if you really need it: https://www.strava.com/routes/16391077


We look forward to seeing you down there.