The Committee is proud to announce that Cuore have been chosen as our new kit suppliers and we are in the process of finalising the details so we can open a kit order window in the next couple of weeks. We will announce details as they are ready, but in the meantime, we have prepared a brief FAQ below.


What was the process?

The committee engaged Joel Lidden & Kris Sostaric, two riders with prior experience getting custom kits made, to survey the current custom kit market and narrow the field to a shortlist of strong candidates for the club’s business. The resulting candidates were asked to complete a tender document focusing on the various aspects important to the club, including, but not limited to pricing, ordering/delivery & stock management. Once responses were received the Committee met to review them, seek clarification from the suppliers where required and ultimately choose the new kit supplier.

The main goals the Committee kept in mind were;

  • good fit for Men & Women
  • ability to ‘try before you buy’  and have the option of a local collection point along with postal delivery service
  • value for money
  • willingness to deliver some innovation around bundling all in the name of keeping club members in club kit to represent the best cycling club in Sydney
  • breadth of offering – meaning we can add a few more SUVelo items to the range, particularly with regard to winter kit options


Why Cuore?

Cuore have extensive experience making kit for 25years, supplying everyone from World Tour teams (IAM Cycling) down to small custom runs for special events or small teams such as Turbo Studio. We have spoken to a number of riders who have purchased their own Cuore kit, as well and talking to members of other teams or clubs who Cuore supply and the feedback has been very positive.

Discussions with Cuore themselves surrounding their manufacturing process and their ordering/delivery process gave us the confidence that they can see the expectations we require from a club supplier. Furthermore, the fact that they own their own manufacturing plant means there are no middle-men and allows them to provide options for individuals to customise sleeve/leg length on their kit.


When can I get kit?

We are aiming to have an order window open later this month, with a goal to have kit delivered in the New Year, before TDU. It’s an ambitious goal and while there are a number of things which may throw out the delivery date, we’re proceeding with that goal in mind.


What if I need SUVelo kit before January (for instance, for racing)?

Well, do we have a deal for you…

As part of changing suppliers, we have some current stock to sell off. Supplies are limited, but we have something available in most sizes. We’ll share some special *sale* pricing as soon as we’ve finalised distribution; if you have an urgent need then talk to the committee or drop a line to uniforms@suvelo.com.au


Is there a new kit design?


As we’ve moved from Triple Play, to ChampSys and on to Aqto we have refreshed the kit design each time. Those prior designs are all still recognisably Sydney Uni Velo and the new design with Cuore will be no different – an evolution of the current design rather than starting from a complete blank slate.


What happens now?

First order of business is for everyone to try on the new kit and determine their sizing. Cuore’s offices are open Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm and you can drop in at any time. We have also arranged two try-on sessions exclusive to club members, as follows:

Thursday, Nov 16th until 8pm

Saturday, Nov 18th, 11am until 2pm

When you attend either session, or even if you just show up during regular office hours, you will be able to try on their full range of kit. You will leave with a card on which your preferred sizings are noted, along with any customisations to sleeve or leg length.

Office Address

2/81 Buckland Street,


NSW 2015

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 20.43.38


What’s the fit like?

Visit Cuore and find out 😉

Cuore have three main kit levels available: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with the cut becoming more race-oriented as you progress. Cuore have suggested a kit level for us and you will be asked to try that on when you visit their offices.

It has traditionally been hard to strike a balance between the kit demands of the racers amongst us and those of the more casual riders. It is therefore particularly important that you make time to try on the kit if you are not a racer, or do not have the typical skinny racer body type.

The Committee will use the feedback from the try-on sessions to determine the kit levels to offer, but that decision making is only as good as the feedback it’s based on. Now is the time to make your voice count.


How much?

The final kit pricing has not yet been set as the Committee has not yet specified the final kit level. However, we’re expecting to see a material price reduction compared with our current kit.

As mentioned previously, we will let you know when the order window opens and when it’s due to close, but the most important step right now is for you, the members, to go to Cuore’s offices and try on their kit, so that when the order window does open you know exactly what size you need to order.