Ride Schedule



As a club focused on ensuring our members realise their cycling goals we have a ride schedule that offers graded rides from Tuesday to Sunday each week. All SUVelo rides are graded according to average bunch speed (see below).

All our rides start at the Woollhara Gates of Centennial Park (opposite Ocean Street). Start times vary depending on the ride but most start at, or just before, 6am.

We strongly encourage all members to wear club kit during the rides.

Every SUVelo ride has a Ride Captain who is responsible for ensuring that the ride is conducted safely and happily. Please listen to their instructions at all times.

Members are welcome to attend any session. New Members are requested to join the Friday Coffee ride as their first club ride, particularly if they are new to bunch riding.

How to get started

We request first-timers to join us on a Friday Coffee Ride and introduce themselves to the Ride Captain for that day. The captain will welcome you and get you safely integrated into the ride. Once you’re comfortable and have acquired an amount of bunch riding experience, you’re free to join us on any of our regular rides. We’re all about ensuring safe and enjoyable rides for all of our members.

Read our Safe Ride Guide and other Riding Tips to understand how we roll.


Ride Schedule


No regularly scheduled rides.


Tuesday Hills Route
Tuesday Lifeguards

The Malaya Lifeguards Hills Ride

Start time: 6am
Distance: 28km – 32km
Grades: Base – P2 – P1
A ride designed to build one’s climbing legs, Tuesday’s Lifeguards route includes several short, sharp climbs through Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The most notable being Bondi’s Military Rd, Wentworth Ave in Vaucluse, Cranbrook Rd in Rose Bay and Bellevue Rd in Bellevue Hill.
Coffee: Cafe Fiveways, Paddington, 7:15am


Wednesday Whip

Staminade ‘Wednesday Whip’ Ride

Start time: 6am
Distance: 30km
Grades: Base – P2 – P1
The ride is as quick as your whip can take you! Heading out through Maroubra down towards La Perouse, the ride returns via Bunnerong Road, takes a right turn along Franklin Road, back to Anzac Parade and a quick run back to Centennial Park.
Coffee: The Greenhouse, Centennial Park, 7:00am


High intensity training and race skills

Start time: 6am
Distance: Variable
Grades: Base – P2 – P1
The club has initiated a training program focused on promoting Women’s racing at SUVelo. The structured training sessions run in Centennial Park and are devised with forthcoming target races in mind… and it’s open to all club members, Men and Women.
Coffee: Spruce Goose, Centennial Park, 7:00am

The Shire

Start time: 5:45am
Distance: 60km
Grades: P1
An option for stronger riders, this fast ride heads down Southern Cross Drive and over the Captain Cook Bridge, taking riders to Cronulla and back. It’s a longer weekday ride than most, and usually runs about 2 hours.


Friday Coffee

Coffee Ride


Start time: 6am
Distance: 28km
Grades: Base
Perfect if you are new to the club, for getting back on the bike or just to be social. This is an easy, no-drop ride that heads through Maroubra down towards La Perouse before heading back to Centennial Park in time for a quick coffee with fellow members.
There is occasionally a call for ‘Fast Friday’ – be prepared for a double-espresso version of the ride!
Coffee: The Greenhouse, Centennial Park, 7:00am


We offer two separate ride options each Saturday, and dependent upon numbers we will often split bunches into smaller, more manageable groups.


South Long Haul

Start time: 5:55am
Distance: 60-120km according to grade & route
Grades: Civilised – P2 – P1
The regular Saturday long haul ride takes the club south to the Royal National Park. Heading down Southern Cross Drive and over Captain Cook Bridge, the faster bunches will ride through the Park, with the others turning at Waterfall or Sutherland.
– Sutherland (60km) Base / Medium
– Waterfall (90km) Medium / Fast
– Royal National Park (110km) Medium / Fast

Eastern Suburbs (Base)

Eastern Suburbs

Start time: 5:55am
Distance: 50km
Grades: Base
Eastern Suburbs variety ride. Perfect for building up your endurance (50km)

Coffee: Pieno, Surry Hills, From 8:00am


McCarrs (Base)

The first Saturday of each month however sees the club ride north through Ku-rin-gai National Park. The Civilised bunch climbs McCarrs Creek, with the faster bunches adding Akuna Bay and West Head to the ride. All bunches return to the city for breakfast and coffee.



Pave the Way – Lambchops Roll

Start time: 7am
Distance: 50km
Grades: Base/P2
End the week’s cycling with a mix of what the Eastern Suburbs has to offer. The ride typically incorporates paceline training along Foreshore Drive before heading to La Perouse and the NSW Golf Course climb. From there, it’s through Maroubra for three climbs: Mons Ave, Torrington Rd and Oberon St. The ride is designed for members of all levels; those with energy to burn are encouraged to try and set new records up the climbs.

Bunch Speeds

How fast is ‘fast’? There are lots of variables, but on the flat, with no wind, SUVelo groups ride at approximately these speeds:

Bunch Approx. Speed Approx. Race Grade
P1 40+ km/hr Men’s A, strong B or Women’s A
P2 36-37 km/hr Men’s B, C or Women’s B
Civilised 33-34 km/hr Men’s D, Women’s C
Base 28-32 km/hr N/A

Guidelines for choosing a bunch

  • if you race, use your race grade to choose the appropriate bunch
  • if you don’t race but regularly ride with people who do, then choose your bunch based on the grades of those you can regularly keep up with
  • if neither of the above apply, choose based on the speed you can comfortably sustain solo for 30mins

In all cases, err on the side of caution. It’s better to start with an easier bunch at first and move up to a faster bunch later than to start in a too fast bunch and be holding the bunch up.

Aim to put yourself in a group where you can happily sit on the front at these speeds. You’ll get far more out of the ride by pulling a couple of decent turns in a well-matched group than you will from hiding away in a group that’s too fast.