SUVelo January 2019 crit race report

January 2019 crit race report
Location: Heffron Park
Weather: 28 degrees, still, humid.


First race back of the year, it is summer, its Australia, so obviously it was hot and humid.  

Good turnout across all grades meant for some lively racing.

Men’s A

An early break established and with three of the strongest guys in it, the chances of pulling it bak were slim, with one of the race favourites Jack having a team mate in the break, waiting to be dragged across if anyone wanted to take it on.  Chris Ball was active but the three of Dan, James and Nash worked well to keep the bunch at bay.

On the bell it looked like it would be a sprint between the three, but Dan Bonello attacked the others and came into the straight on his own.  A well earned win, with Nash kicking the hardest for second, Jame Nicol in 3rd.  Jack Bennett rolled the rest of the bunch to show Attaquer Crit Dawgs would’ve taken some beating regardless of how the race played out.

Dan Bonello (St George)

Nash Kent (Parklife CC)

James Nicol (SUVelo)

Men’s B

B grade did as B grade often do, a decent sized bunch riding hard and breaks struggling together away.  The prime offered a chance for 5 to get away who contested it, but this didn’t materialise.  As the bunches came together near the end we were treated to the site of the house sprinter setting tempo on the front on his recovery from broken collarbone, nice to see you back racing Andy Matthews.

The sprint was a fast one, with various sprinters making the most of the sunny conditions and laying down a marker in the first race of the year.  

Michael Elias (PLCC)

Rodrigo Nataro (DHBC)

Darren Russell (SUVelo)

Men’s C

C grace found themselves racing longer as the bunch couldn’t get off B grade towards the end.  A fast prime meant a few were blowing at that stage and what was left of the race came in for a sprint.  The sprint was close with Mark Hanley timing the push to the line to perfection.

Mark Hanley (PLCC)

Cameron Smee (MWCC)

Michael Smith (GCCS)

In the women’s racing we once again decided to run two distant grades but with an element of handicapping to make the race even more interesting. B grade would start half a lap ahead of A.

As it turns out Nadia Younan was way too strong for the rest of the field, completing an FTP in the process.  Bridget strongest in the sprint, with Renee third.

The fastest of the B grade was a good sprint between Lynda Behan and Gabrielle King, with Lynda taking the win.

Nadia Younan (SUVelo)

Bridget Bremner (NWSCC)

Renee Everett (PLCC)

Lynda Behan (Southern Cross CC) – B Grade

Tour Down Under 2019


Wheels and cogs are already moving for TDU 2019!

We are finishing the planning for our rides around Adelaide and we’ll be posting them soon on our media. We will run rides from Sunday 13th Jan to Sunday 20th Jan, that’s a full week packed with scenic routes. Please note that the Willunga queen stage has been moved to Sunday this year, so the riding schedule will be a bit different.

RSVP here so we know you’re coming. We want to get an idea on numbers to put the social events and the riding together.
Join the 2019 – SUVelo TDU Group Page to stay tuned. If you are NOT ON FACEBOOK, please get in touch with a friend that does so you can get all the updates. The TDU group page will be our main communication channel before and during the event.

Any questions please email Ian or ask away in the TDU group page.

SUVelo Monthly Crit Race – December Race Report

SUVelo Racing – December Race Report
Location: Heffron Park
Weather: Absolutely glorious
Mood: Just as good as the weather

With other events on in the region we were unsure on the turnout, but as it happens we had great size bunches and a big thanks for those coming out to race, and even more so the helpers who make racing possible. Another good morning had by all….

Men’s A
With some Tuesday night form in peoples legs it was operation eject the sprinters in a fast start.
Jack Bennett took the prime, as he so often does and him and Dan used it as a chance to try and work the other guys over. The bunch whittled down to 2 Crit Dwags, 2 Nero and a lone Manly jersey.
A strong showing from all involved but it was once again Jack Bennett taking the honours with team mate Dan Bonello celebrating the team work and making it photo for 2-3, just pipping in ahead of an inform Angus Wilson.
Jack Bennett (RBCC)
Dan Bonello (St George)
Angus Wilson (SUVelo)

Men’s B
A big bunch and with the most aggressive rider prize getting allocated in B grade in a hope to see some attaching racing it resulted in a very fast pace and very few moves managing to get any distance from the bunch.
It was SUVelo’s Matt Hale who did the early work, showing his desire to race for free next month with the combativity award.
Ben Wray attacked with a lap and a bit to go and for a while looked as though he might have it, but then remembered he is a new Dad and Daddy Watts are make believe, and the bench came back together for the customary B grade sprint…one month guys.
It was close on the line for the sprint, but Gabriel got it to round out a strong podium.
Gabriel Fowden (Pedal Power)
Lachie Sky Sky (North sydney)
Grant Quinn (RBCC)

Men’s C
Another big bunch and some out for revenge after a handicap of horrors for some yesterday.
With some string riders the pace was on, Danny Moore making a rare appearance and springing the bunch out on the straight. The riders in Cheeky jerseys were doing their best to get their man on the top spot but it was Alex Henderson who was too good for the rest of the bunch, making the job of the position grabbers easy with a clear sprint win.
Alex Henderson (Manly)
Phil Hopley (Manning Valley)
Quinten Smyth (Manning Valley)

In the women’s racing we decided to run two distant grades but with an element of handicapping to make the race even more interesting. B grade would start half a lap ahead of A, and the bunch which had the lady with the overall win would all race for free next month.
As it turns out A caught B with a lap and a half to go and sailed past, allowing the scratch race finishes to be uninterrupted.
In women’s A all four worked well, with Gina Ricardo marshalling the troops to make the catch before lining up for the sprint for the narrow part of the track and with the door closed on her somewhat she opted not to take the cyclocross route to the line and had to settle for second with Charlotte Culver taking the win.

Women’s A
Charlotte Culver (NSCC)
Gina Ricardo (SUVelo)
Nicole Oly (Les Filles RT)

In women’s B we had plenty of first time racers, fresh from the come and try day last week. A real pleasure to host that and see those come back to pin a number on the following week. As a result we had two newcomers on the podium, with Gabrielle and Eline 1-2 and Rose rounding out the podium.
Gabrielle King
Eline Smith
Rose Vassel (SUVelo)

A special thanks to Andrew Duggan, Edel O’Hagan, Cyrille De Baracé and Stuart Hamilton for making the racing possible today.
Racing returns after TDU, Sunday 27th January.
Have a safe Christmas and hope Santa brings you a new bike.

SUVelo to launch new women’s racing program

SUVelo is known for supporting women’s racing as well as the development of all riders. The club runs separate women’s grades at club races and Come’N’Try racing for new racers. Women contributed significant points over the four years in a row we won the NSW Club Premiership and the last two years winning Battle of the Bridge and Judgement Day. We have links with NRS teams Sydney Uni – Staminade and Nero KOM Racing, and club riders racing almost every weekend.

The club will build on these initiatives through a women’s racing team coordinated by Lisa Antill (pictured second from left above) who is an ex-NRS rider, Canberra Women’s Tour Winner and 2 times Australian Masters Champion. The team will race a calendar of local and state races, with each rider having individual and team goals for maximum improvement and growth. We will collaborate with other Sydney clubs to target similar races, aiming to grow women’s bunches and therefore experience higher quality racing. Our unique link with Sydney Uni – Staminade allows us to set up a mentor program, buddying club racers with Staminade riders to learn from their experience and skills. We will use Turbo Studio Thursday morning sessions to work on race craft and skills. There are likely to be other benefits which are not yet finalised.

Our Women’s Racing Team will be a program available to women within racing@SUVelo and share the same uniform as other male and female racers in the club. However because the issues that inhibit women from racing are different to men, the club believes that we need a specific program of initiatives within a nurturing environment to get women racing more often.

The women’s racing team is available to female club members of any level. If you’re interested in joining or you’d like to find out more, please contact us. We will have an informal get together on Wed 12th December to provide more info, discuss next year’s calendar, goals and answer any questions. If you know women thinking about racing, please give them a nudge and encourage them to sign up or come to the info night. For newcomers to racing, there is a Come’N’Try morning this Sunday, November 25th run by Emlyn Simpson.

Club Kit: Team Shop Closes This Sunday


Team Shop now open – closing Sun 25-Nov:
A reminder that our Cuore Team Shop is open, and we now have the new Racing Kit design available to purchase, along with our Club kit. The online shop will remain open until Sunday night, 25-November. If you have yet to confirm your individual custom kit sizing, then please get down to Cuore’s office (2/81 Buckland Ave, Alexandria) during business hours (9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri), and be sure to try on Cuore’s sample clothing; that’s a sure-fire way of getting the correct tailoring options that will give you the perfect fit. Cuore’s 2-in-1 road-suit is also a fantastic garment – a one-piece outfit, rather than separate jersey and bib-shorts – well worth considering as an addition to your cycling wardrobe.

And for those that haven’t explored the Team Shop yet, the Racing Kit design is offered as a second colour option. Simply select the garment you’re interested in (e.g. jersey), and you’ll then see that you have the option to select either the blue club kit or the yellow/blue racing design:

Following a number of enquiries, we have also just added yellow arm-warmers to the Team Shop too.

This current order is due for delivery prior to TDU 2019. We are then planning our next order to arrive late April/ early May; that order will include clothing for cooler weather, such as thermal long-sleeved jerseys, ¾ bib-knicks etc.

Team Shop details:
Click on this link to access the Cuore store and order online:
PW: this was provided via email – let Richard know if you haven’t received.

Please enter the following coupon code in the Cuore store to clear the freight cost:
Coupon Code:  SUVelo Pickup
Orders placed using this code will be made available to pick up from the Cuore office once the orders arrive. Alternatively, enter your chosen delivery address, and shipping charges will be calculated and added to your invoice total, payable at check-out.

Any enquiries please email Richard at

SUVelo Club Champs Race Report 2018

Date: 4th November 2018
Weather: dry, sunny, low 20s, perfect for racing
Location: Heffron Park

The race that stops a nation proved to be a hit once again.

With no previous winners lining up on the line there were going to be new names going on the trophies this year.

Racing started with the women and mens C in a mixed bunch start but with distinct races. The women field was wide open and anyone could have taken out the win. As it was, it was a late entrant Fiona Yard who proved strongest of the bunch, after main rival Edel O’Hagan got a badly timed puncture and the wheel change from neutral support was reminiscent of Richie Porte trying to help his mate Simon Clarke at the tour.
Rounding out the podium was Virginia Woods in her annual crit, along with Rose Vassel.

Fiona Yard
Virginia Woods
Rose Vassel

Over in the mens C race chief commissaire and club president Andrew Duggan made C grade a lively bunch before getting the hook with two laps to go. This left the field to fight for the win and a well deserved win for Ian Schmidt after working hard in recent months, along with putting a heap of work into the club, was able to find the right time to launch his effort and smile to the camera at the finish.

Mens C:
Ian Schmidt McLachlan
Andrew Gordon
Lewis Waugh

8:30 rolled around and the mens B and mens club championship title were on the line.
In mens B SUVelo showed they are very deep with every man and his dog pinning a number on, with some returning faces and those who have been secret training showing themselves.
There were some lively early attacks from the likes of Nelson Aston and Kris Sostaric but ultimately they were in vain as B came back together as it so often does. With 2 laps to go Chris Killmore looked like he might have a decisive gap only be be reeled in after the bell which set things up nicely for the sprinters to do their thing.
The smart money was on Andy Matthews and he delivered, holding off a rampaging Nic Martin and Lachlan Burrows into third.

Mens B:
Andy Matthews
Nicholas Martin
Lachlan Burrows

In the main event for men the field showed the pathway to the NRS with Australia’s previous L’etape winners both lining up in Chris Miller and Jesse Coyle and it was this combo many were looking out for. Brendan Hancox stepped up into A grade after some very strong form of late and more than held his own, making the split early on and showing his potential at this level.
A Nero KOM race team formed at the front and with Angus Wilson, Robbie Matthews, Chris Miller and James Nicol all making Jesse Coyle do more than his fair share, with Brendan making up the rest of the front split.
In the end it was the powerful and well timed effort that gave James Nicol the line honours, making him follow in the footsteps of some SUVelo greats and get his name on the trophy and the honour of calling himself club champion for the next year.

Mens A:
James Nicol
Jesse Coyle
Angus Wilson

Well done to James and Fiona – your club champions for 2018.

A special call out and thanks first to the many people who helped today but especially Paraic Hogan, Lisa Antill, David Jordan, Nicholas Martin and Andrew Duggan, without who the race couldn’t happen. Secondly a thanks to all the sponsors for their ongoing help and making SUVelo a great club to be involved with.

Normal racing schedules return next month, 2nd December, with our womens come and try day the week prior on the 25th November.



Tour Down Under – Get to Booking!

The Tour Down Under 2019 is getting closer and everything is starting to get booked out!

For those who haven’t been, there are rides arranged each day, park ups at the pub and some organised lunches and dinners.

For accommodation try Mantra, Quest or iStay Precinct for apartments or any of the hotels in the center of Adelaide so you’re walking distance from the action.

You’ll need to manage your own booking but if you’re wanting to share, put the word out – post on Facebook page 2019 – suvelo tdu group page.

Email with any questions

Ask at coffee post ride.


Bike transport –  Will Levy of Two Wheeled Tours is widely known and well trusted for his bike shuttle service. It’s the perfect solution if you want to travel unencumbered and avoid any delays at the airport. Will is also going to fit in with anyone wanting to do the final stage at Wilunga. Here is the link to the shuttle with all info.


Get amongst it!

SUVelo claims Battle of the Bridge title

This morning we ventured forth into the industrial wasteland of Beaumont Road, where International Roast is still a thing, in order to put the sword to the challengers to the BOTB throne.

We’re happy to report that Sydney Harbour is no Rubicon and the Helmet of Kratos remains in our hands. Sydney Uni Velo becomes the first club to defend the Battle of the Bridge title!

See the video of club President, Andrew Duggan, getting to experience a Northern Suburbs hairstyle 😀

In all seriousness, thanks to Manly Warringah Cycling Club, Northern Sydney Cycling Club and Randwick Botany Cycling Club for hosting the other rounds of the series, thanks to the riders from all clubs who came out and raced at any of the rounds and to the sponsors who made it all possible. See you all again next year for your next shot at the title 😉

Finally, congratulations to all the Uni riders who showed up, raced as a team and ensured that we remain the Champions! Great effort and chapeau!

Battle of the Bridge – Round 3

Well, that’s Round Three of the Battle of the Bridge done and dusted! Some solid racing this morning at Heffron saw no one club dominate, and the points look like they’re spread around across the clubs. I’ll leave it to Alexis to update us on the standings later. Onward to the Grand Finale at Beaumont Road next weekend with everything still to play for!

Thanks to Nic Martin as Commissaire, Evan Stilwell, Dick Croft, Robbie Matthews & George Bryan for marshalling on the day and to Daniel Linnett for coming down and taking some photos of the day. Thanks also to our sponsors for providing prizes – looks like a nice surf & turf for Michael Cupitt!


Men’s A-Grade
1. Michael Cupitt (NSCC)
2. James Nicol (SUVelo)
3. Dwaine Hesp (RBCC)
4. Jack Bennett (RBCC)
5. Christopher Taylor (MWCC)


Men’s B-Grade
1. Luc McCann (MWCC)
2. Adam McCoy (Cheeky)
3. Chris Hinds (NSCC)
4. Ran Virdi (NSCC)
5. Richard Scriven (SUVelo)


Men’s C-Grade
1. Carlos Domingues (Cheeky)
2. Paul Curjak (SUVelo)
3. Ryan Terry (MWCC)
4. Val Feron (Rapha)
5. Paul Mower (NSCC)


Junior U17s
1. Lachie Sky (NSCC)
2. William Mace-Smith (MWCC)
3. Ethan Page (NSCC)


Women’s Handicap
1. Nadia Younan (SUVelo)
2. Lisa Antill (SUVelo)
3. Jen Darmody (SUVelo)
4. India McLean (MWCC)
5. Sue Jackson (RBCC)

SUVelo wins Cycling NSW Club Championship Shield

SUVelo riders put on a stunning display at the Cycling NSW Team Time Trial Championship in Nowra, to claim the prestigous Club Championship Shield. With eight teams competing, the club showed its depth of talent, and achieved some fantastic results:

Elite Women: 1st & 2nd
Elite Men: 4th & 5th
Masters Women All Ages: 4th
Masters Men All Ages: 10th, 19th & 20th

The points tally across these results saw SUVelo take top spot ahead of Manly-Warringah by 3 points with St George in third place.

SUVelo riders also claimed first place in the accompanying Sassafras Challenge Open Women event.