Transferring Members

If you are or have been a member of another cycling club within the past 2 years and wish to join SUVelo, the process is a little more involved.

Changing clubs at the same time that you are renewing your Cycling Australia licence does not incur a transfer fee.

If you are transferring and have a current Cycling Australia and it isn’t during the licence renewal window (October – December), a transfer fee of $50 is payable. This fee covers reprinting of membership card, postage and administration costs incurred by Cycling Australia.

To transfer to SUVelo, you will be required to complete a transfer form and have it signed by the relevant parties.


  • Contact Cycling Australia on (03) 9998 6810 and they will process your transfer immediately. Have your credit card details handy; a $50 transfer fee is applicable for mid-season transfers.
  • Become a Community Member of SUSF

IMPORTANT – You are also required to forward confirmation of your membership purchase to the Club Secretary. Please email SUSF membership confirmation to

If your Cycling Australia licence is not current and you would like to renew at the time of transfer, please advise the Secretary. Once Cycling Australia confirms the transfer, you can then go to Cycling Australia’s website and renew directly online.

You will be issued with a receipt that will double as a temporary licence to allow you to enter races while you wait for your plastic licence to be sent to you by Cycling Australia.