TDU Ride Schedule

SATURDAY’S RIDE: It’s the last big ride of the week so we make it special, with a rollout of the whole group in one peloton.
There are tons of options so you can decide when you get to McLaren Vale what you would like to do.
Depart: 8:00AM
Location: Mantra
Dress: Fly your club colours, ie club kit

SUVelo will lead at least one ride per day from Sunday 15th January to Saturday 21st while at the Tour Down Under in 2017. Routes for the intermediate and long distance rides are now up on Strava. We recommend downloading the rides you’re interested in to your Garmin.

All rides start at 8am from Hindmarsh Square in the centre of town. Start times can be subject to change so be sure to check in with others just to be sure.

Touring Distance Rides

Sunday: 38km, Flat – It’s the touring group’s shakedown ride out to Glenelg

Monday: 63km, 1230m – Up Norton and Lofty

Tuesday: 65km, 895m – Up Gorge, Inglewood, Down Anstey Hill

Wednesday: 65km, 1310m – Watching the race today, up the Old Highway to Stirling then down Norton watching the pros on their way down

Thursday: 43km, 925m – Up Norton and Lofty and back in time for the SUVelo winery lunch

Friday: 67km, 1420m – Montacute, Basket Range, Deviation Rd and Mt Lofty. A good challenge for the legs after several days of great riding

Saturday: 72km, 875m – We’re off to McLaren Vale and Willunga to watch the pros do their thing

Intermediate Distance Rides

Sunday: 50-70km, Flat – It’s our arrival shakedown ride out to Glenelg & Port Adelaide.

Monday: 93km, 2150m – Up Greenhills, Lofty, Stirling, Red Hill Road, Mylor, Carey Gully, Down Norton.

Tuesday: 92km, 1390m – Up Gorge, Lenswood, Lobethal, Gumeracha, Inglewood, Down Anstey Hill

Wednesday: 77km, 1630m – Race watching day, so late start and a bit more relaxed – two stops. Up Old Highway, Stirling (watch the TDU start), Down Norton (stop & watch the pros descend), Up Montacute, Down Greenhills.

Pros start in Stirling, then do 5 laps. If we watch the first lap or two we should have plenty of time to ride the race route to get to Norton. We’ll stop halfway down to see how the pros descend and then continue with our ride.

Thursday: 74km, 1310m – Shorter day for those opting for winery trip – easy to add extra 20km for those who aren’t. Up Norton, through ranges to Lenswood, Down Gorge, Up Corkscrew, Down Montacute.

Friday: 155km, 3380m – The famed EPIC. Up and down everything.

Saturday: 110km, 1400m – McLaren Vale (watch the TDU start), Willunga (option to stay and watch the finish).

Long Distance Rides

Sunday: 64km, 650m – Off the plane, check-in, build your bike and then head out for the same shakedown ride as everyone else.

Monday: 127km, 2780m – Start the week with a bang 😀

Tuesday: 125km, 1940m – Throw in a loop of Checkers Hill to keep your climbing legs fresh.

Wednesday: 92km, 1950m – Back the distance off a bit after two solid days, but still plenty of vertical. If you want to crack the tonne, take a cruisey loop out for coffee at Glenelg. Remember, the mid-week batch of fresh legs arrive tonight 😉

Thursday: 116km, 1940m – You’re going long and you’ll have Norton and the punishing Nairn Rd (26%!) before dealing with Corkscrew

Friday: 158km, 3536m – We took the EPIC and made it EVEN MORE EPIC. We’ve added Knotts Hill Rd. Best book that post ride massage now!

Saturday: 136km, 1990m – Same start as everyone else. Head down to McLaren Vale to watch the start, then on to Willunga. You guys keep going over Willunga for some flat-land pace line work, and if you’re lucky, a bit of wind and echelons.