SUVelo Crits – March 5th

After a week of pretty ordinary weather, it was touch and go as to whether we’d be able to race or not. Every other race around Sydney got rained out this weekend, but we got lucky. The track was dry and, after some hard work by Rob Even, Jane Ritchard, Darren Russell and Georg Bienert we had the green light to race.

Numbers were down across all grades, particularly the Women – no doubt partly due to the weather and clashes with the Orange Challenge and the Tolland Classic in Wagga Wagga. Men’s C, Women’s A & B had the best of the dry track, with light showers returning towards the end of their races. Men’s A & B had a damp track but further rain held off.

Thanks to all who took a gamble on the weather and came down to pin a number on, to Rob Even, Jane Ritchard and Georg Bienert for marshalling duties and to Nic Martin as Commissaire.

Next Race: March 26th. See you then, hopefully with blue skies!

Note: we’re going to change the race times again as we try to settle on a format that makes it easier for new riders to get started in the lower grades, so double-check the event details on Facebook in the week before the race!


Women’s B-Grade

  1. Renee Simon (Parklife)
  2. Claire Carroll (Sydney Uni Velo)



Women’s A-Grade

  1. Gina Ricardo (Sydney Uni Velo)



Men’s C-Grade

  1. Jesse Morley (Sydney Uni Velo)
  2. Evan Stilwell (Sydney Uni Velo)
  3. Paul Curjak (Sydney Uni Velo)



Men’s B-Grade

  1. Evan Haugh (Rapha
  2. Johnny Ryan (Sydney Uni)
  3. Dan d’Auvergne Massie (Rapha)



Men’s A-Grade

  1. Nathan Bonarius (Sydney Uni Velo)
  2. Jeremy Hopson (Bicisport)
  3. Michael Brown (Sydney Uni Velo)