2016 SUVelo Club Championships

2016 SUVelo Club Championships

Overcast skies and a bit of drizzle greeted members at Heffron Park but any threat of rain never eventuated. Conditions for this year’s club championships were perfect, with cool temperatures and a decent headwind down the straight ensuring some exciting racing.

Women’s C Grade

The women’s grades were the first to hit out with three or four riders per grade. In C grade, Claire Carroll made her move at the right time to cross the line ahead of Samantha Wray and Tegan Cox.

  1. Claire Carroll
  2. Samantha Wray
  3. Tegan Cox

Women’s B Grade

Women’s B grade was a tightly raced affair, with the trio of riders staying close to each other until the final lap. In the end a two-up sprint between Shahrzad Shania and Jill Morris decided the winner, with Jill taking line honours by about two bike lengths.

  1. Jill Morris
  2. Shahrzad Shania
  3. Jane Ritchard

Women’s A Grade

Like B grade, the A grade race came down to a sprint finish but all four riders were in the mix, at least to start. Ultimately though, Gina Ricardo pipped Maddy Beevors for top honours with roughly a bike length separating each rider across the line.

  1. Gina Ricardo
  2. Maddison Beevors
  3. Virginia Woods

Men’s D Grade

With a smaller field of entrants, D grade raced with the C grade bunch, which guaranteed a zippy pace. Nick Ludgate took the win, with Paul Coleburn finishing second.

  1. Nick Ludgate
  2. Paul Coleburn

Men’s C Grade

The first few laps saw the bunch stay relatively tight but a series of moves started to see some cracks forming. Ultimately though it would be Mark Drinkwater showing he’s in great form, easily beating the bunch across the line.

  1. Mark Drinkwater
  2. David Jordan
  3. Courtney Walton

Men’s B Grade

Never a dull moment in this race, with Rob Even and Mark Phillips each attacking the bunch through the race. They’d be brought back each time though and the race decided in a bunch sprint. For a moment he looked boxed in against the grass, but Darren Russell showed great form and timed his move perfectly in a cracking finish.

  1. Darren Russell
  2. Matt Hale
  3. Paraic Hogan

Men’s A Grade

A couple of early tests of the bunch were just a prelude to a breakaway move by Andrew Wagner and Tristan Cardew that would prove decisive. Extending their lead to 25 seconds, it was clear one of the two would be the winner. Winding up the sprint from a fairly long way out, Tristan Cardew took out top spot. A late move by Jesse Coyle further behind ensured he was clear for third with Nathan Bonarius winning the bunch sprint for fourth.

  • Tristan Cardew
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Jesse Coyle

Wrap up

Yet again, a fantastic turn out and competitive racing by club members. Thank you to all those who volunteered their help and to our sponsors for making the day possible.